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Drugs of Our Fathers

As someone fascinated with history, it’s interesting to observe the changing fashions in drug use over the years. While some – like marijuana and heroin – seem to have an enduring popularity, others fade in and out of fashion for no clear (at least to me) reason. Quaaludes were ubiquitous once; now they’re basically gone. I remember some “60 Minutes” expose a decade or so ago on the dangers of whippits, and haven’t really heard anything since. Opium, way back when, was the Great Satan of drugs; it’s still around, of course, but not like it once was. Uppers and downers and Roofies were once the bastion of the college students; now prescription-drug abuse is largely the realm of the affluent and well-to-do. And, hey, let’s not forget that old standby, huffing paint or glue, eh?

I had some free time to kill (note to fledgling linux geeks: if you don’t bother to specify which character sets you want your computer to use, every time you install a new version of “locales”, it’ll rebuild every freaking character set on the planet… which takes a while. Doh.) so I thought I’d dig through the Life Magazine photo archives for some interesting, historical looks at drug use…
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