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No More KZJK?

I’m kind of surprised that I can’t find mention of this anywhere else online, but for the past couple of days, the Twin Cities’ local Jack FM station, 104.1 KZJK, has been hinting at a format switch this afternoon at 1700 local. The teasers are typically enigmatic; “the bear returns”, says the announcer, and “Jack FM gets its ‘happy ending'”.

It’s fairly obvious that the station hasn’t been doing terribly well, in terms of revenue; still, it’ll be interesting to see what – if anything – happens to it. I have a feeling that if it does switch formats, it’ll be seen as a condemnation of the “no DJ, no requests” format, which a lot of people seem to dislike. Personally, I think it’s a great radio format, myself: sure, it’s soulless and sterile, but they do play a huge variety of music, and – quite honestly – most of the local DJs annoy the hell out of me, anyway.

Anyone got the skinny on what’s going to happen to KZJK?

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Brown Paper Packages Wrapped Up in String

I probably worry my postal carrier. Not only am I regular correspondent with various parts of the federal government – filing FOIA requests, and getting envelopes in the mail with all kinds of scary-looking return addresses – but I get all kinds of stuff in the mail from strange and exotic places. Hong Kong. Thailand. Germany. Latvia. The United Kingdom. Mainland China. Russia…

What interests me is how different each countries’ postal standards seem to be. Packages from England show up in the world’s flimsiest boxes or envelopes, usually crushed and battered, leading me to suspect that the Royal Mail treats their charges far more gently than the USPS. Stuff from Holland, Germany, and the rest of continental Europe are inevitably packed in a straightforward, no-nonsense sort of way – and equally inevitably, in packaging that prominently boasts of its recyclable nature. Packages from mainland China come in mailers that aren’t taped or otherwise sealed – merely tied shut, presumably for the convenience of Big Brother. Packages from Hong Kong are always in cheap bubble mailers – and the customs forms are always falsified.

Mail from Russia, now…
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