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Kwik Hits

More random goodness, short-attention-span style:

America’s pr0n industry: while limp, and not in danger of collapse, “in need of (financial) stimulation, according to Larry Flynt. Man, everybody wants a free lunch…

Did a UFO have a close encounter with a British wind-turbine? Some folks seem to think so…

How easy is it to recover data from a hard drive? Or, put another, more entertaining way, how hard is it to destroy a hard drive? the BBC sets out to discover this and more

is the colour pink harmful? Some idiots with nothing better to worry about seem to think so, yes.

One of two would-be RNC firebombers has pled guilty in federal court; it’ll be interesting to see how the anarchists try and “spin” this. (They’ve lately been mooing and oinking about “entrapment” after it turned out an acquaintance of those arrested was cooperating with the FBI. Anarchism: bring your anger, your rage, your frustration; bring your ski masks, gas masks, and homemade incendiary devices – but check your conscience at the door, please.)

Is that a crowbar in your pants, or are you…

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