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Lost in Translation

All English is not created equal, as any Englishman who’s ever spent time around Americans, or vice versa, can attest. (Or as anyone who’s tried to converse with an Australian can affirm.) Still, you’d think that whomever came up with the headline under “Wales” in the photo below, from the BBC’s website, might have found a better way to phrase this:

The story, of course, is that 275 are to lose their jobs – i.e. “suffer a blow” – as two factories close; one way of reading the headline, especially if you’re American, could be that, at two plants, 275 peoples’ jobs “blow”, in the mildly dirty, euphemistic sense of the word.

I’m sure it was a perfectly innocent mistake…

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OSINT: Where It Stops, Nobody Knows

I’m kind of busy wrapping and packing nondenominational-winter-holiday gifts, but here’s something I’ve been pondering lately: OSINT. Open-source intelligence. Most people agree it’s important (though many disagree on just how important), but few seem to agree on how to define it. This isn’t surprising; it’s hard to produce any kind of consensus definition of “intelligence”, in this context, after all. The thing is, while many people can agree on where OSINT starts, the point at which OSINT stops being OSINT is ill-defined and ill-discussed.
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