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Kwik Hits

Busy day IRL, so here are some random bits of goodness, short-attention-span style:

You know how, on teevee cop shows, officers always empty their pistols at fleeing vehicles, and don’t hit a darned thing? Apparently, real life doesn’t work that way; a Minneapolis officer wounded a fleeing suspect with a single shot yesterday. Dang, skippy! (Cynics will point out that the MPD has something of a reputation for use-of-force, so the remarkable part of the story, depending on your point of view, might not be that the officer hit the suspect with the first shot, but that he stopped after the first shot…)

Folks: If you’re going to handcuff a loved one to a bedpost, make sure you can find the key! Have to wonder how many extra officers showed up on that call as “backup”, huh?
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