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Winnin’ Hearts and Minds

It seems like only yesterday that torture – or the Bush administration’s carefully-articulated “Torture Lite” – was a big deal in the news; talking heads on television were discussing “water boarding”, and all those other fun and exciting “compliance techniques”. On one side, the hawks were explaining how necessary – nay, vital – these sorts of questioning tactics were, and bemoaning all the horrors that would befall the world if the U.S. were prevented from using such. On the other side, the doves argued that even a little bit of torture is still torture, that it was a scientifically invalid interrogation technique, and that it would do more harm than good by marring the global image of America.

On that last point, at least, the anti-torture brigades seem to have been spot-on.
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Atalanta: Doing Little, With Less

Last week, I wrote about Operation Atalanta, the European Union’s foray into counter-piracy naval public relations operations off the coast of Somalia. In a nutshell, the EU wanted to protect three different groups of ships, hundreds of miles apart – with six ships of their own, and three fixed-wing patrol aircraft. I felt then that they were being overly ambitious, trying to do too much, for too long, in too large an area, with too few people, ships, and planes.

But wait, it gets worse.
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Multiple Exposures

The photographic multiple exposure – intentionally taking more than one image on the same frame of film (or digital image, today) – has fairly limited “serious” use, though it’s fun to play around with. In photojournalism circles, it’s generally frowned upon, though I’m unclear on why; it’s either because it’s an “untrue” representation of “reality”, or because it’s a kind of trite, one-trick pony. Still, that wasn’t always the case, it seems, as some photos from the LIFE Magazine archives attest.
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