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Rail Shipment of Radioactive Material

You don’t hear about it as much these days as in years past, but the shipment of radioactive material – mainly spent fuel rods from commercial reactors – by trains is still a contentious issue, particularly for those folks who live near the railroad tracks involved. Well, courtesy of my newest addiction – the Life Magazine photo archive – here’s a pretty fascinating look at a slightly different sort of railroad transportation of radioactive material:
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A Virus Warning, Better Late Than Never

I’d hoped to spend the day with family, lazily working off the post-Thanksgiving stupor without thinking about, you know, computers and things. Alas, the siren call of the cooling fans drew me back, to post a brief warning involving the crisis in Mumbai, India.

I – and no doubt thousands of others – have spent part of the last two days watching developments unfold in Mumbai in real time, thanks to the local television station NDTV and their live online feed. Having checked the feed yesterday in Internet Explorer (I know, I know), I was quite surprised when my anti-virus software started going berzerk, warning of several trojans and viruses loading from that page.
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