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PayPal Disputes: Effective, To a Point

Social conditioning is a funny thing; as (non-sociopathic) humans, we’re generally reluctant to engage in behaviour that in years past would have been called “being difficult”, and today would be called something involving lots of four-letter words. (“Being a copulating posterior orifice”, for instance.) The thing is, this reluctance doesn’t just come into play where such behaviour would be atypical – “going primate-feces” in a coffee shop, for instance – but also materializes as a reluctance to use tools provided for that very purpose – calling a customer-service line with a complaint, for example, or filing a “dispute” with a service like PayPal.

The problem is, while mechanisms like these exist to be used, and are often extremely effective at what they do, they still carry a degree of emotional baggage about them that produces irrationality in some.
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