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Tech-Geek Interlude: Nixies

Nixie tubes are pretty spiffy, though their uses are somewhat limited; that, I suppose, had always kept me from playing around with them… until now. (If you don’t know what a Nixie is, Wikipedia has all the answers to your questions about these spiffy vintage electronic displays.) Since everyone seems to like looking at these things, I thought I’d whip up two very short videos of a Nixie in action. Here’s the smallest, cheapest, arguably most common Soviet indicator tube, the IN-17:
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You Know Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings

Some time ago, I was at a meeting that should never have existed. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the importance of “face time”, but face-to-face meetings should be about discussion, and collaboration, and this meeting had none of that. Worse yet, the entire point of the meeting could be summed up in one slightly long sentence: “The Final Policy Statement on such-and-such, which you were previously instructed to adopt and comply with by the end of the month, will not be issued on time, therefore we are remaining with the existing Interim Policy until further notice, and the assigned transition deadlines have been postponed indefinitely.” It should have been a memo, not a meeting, but there we were…
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