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Iran’s Next Big Threat: EMP? No.

An article over at the Counterterrorism Blog warns of the supposed dangers of an Iranian EMP attack on the continental United States. EMP, if you’re not up on your acronyms-of-mass-destruction, stands for “Electro-Magnetic Pulse”, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how it works. There’s a little more to this than meets the eye, however.
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Kwik Hits

Some stuff that’s too cool not to share, but not cool enough to get its own post:

The sheer awesomeness of launching a digital camera into low orbit on a balloon defies words, but there are lots of cool photos;

Obligatory political references of the day:

(1): an interesting look at the Central Intelligence Agency’s relationship with presidential candidates and the presidential transition: Getting to Know the President. (Is it sad that I actually own one of the somewhat rare printed copies of this book?)

(2): A Department of Homeland Security report on the Administration Transition Task Force (PDF!). Like everybody else, they want to lead the war on terrorbattle for funding on Capitol Hill…

In case you haven’t heard, over-hyped has-been author Michael Crichton is now a had-been. It’s been a rough year for authors, hasn’t it?

A British Army interpreter has been found guilty of spying for Iran – or at least offering to. Reports say he passed “coded messages” to Iran, but don’t go into details. Anyone know the skinny, here? Was he using encryption, or just some sorts of arranged code phrases? The latter, I’d imagine, would be darned hard to prove the actual meaning of, in court…

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