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Craziness: The Global Language

When you see news stories in this country like the armed, naked patriot on a California freeway, it’s easy to assume that America is the only place that breeds such wierdness, strangeness, and oddity. Alas, that may have once been the case, perhaps, but is certainly no longer true. (Crazies: one of America’s more enduring cultural exports? Discuss amongst yourselves.)

Consider, if you will, as one of the officers involved puts it, an idiot with samurai sword versus police dog; “the Idiot came second.” (Yay, K9 officers the world over.) And it’s hard to trump either this camouflaged fellow and his naked, trussed-up accomplice or the Hampshire police’s judgment: probably a prank, or “misdirected leisure activity”. Oh, and if you happen to be the naked woman, tied up in the woods by a man in cammies, please ring the police and let them know you’re alright, would you? Presumably, they’re holding back certain details you’ll be expected to provide to prove that you were the one whose leisure activities are so very, very misdirected. After all, how many naked women can there be in any given woods in England in November?

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Hours of Entertainment for the Whole Family

And now, for something slightly different…

From time to time, I’ve posted MP3 files of interesting programs from BBC radio; the response to these programs – including one about British hacker Gary McKinnon – has been fairly impressive. Never one to change a winning formula (memories of New Coke having forever scarred my psyche, and taste buds), I’ve got a little more stuff for your listening pleasure today.
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