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Learning From, About Somali Piracy

Piracy off the coast of Somalia shows no signs of going away any time soon – in part because nobody can apparently be bothered to take any effective measures against them. I was discussing the recent news reports about the pirates last week with a friend, and we came to the conclusion that “Somali piracy” is an ideal subject for fledgling analysts to study – both because it’s a fairly small, fairly well-defined microcosm, and so can be examined in something of a vacuum, as it were, but also because it’s hard to escape the conclusion that there’s a very real intelligence shortage surrounding the matter… at least where open sources are concerned.

Indeed, if you start looking at the whole situation, you’re left with nothing but unanswered – and possibly unanswerable – questions – questions the media, and officials, seem reluctant to pursue. If nothing else, it highlights just how little public information there really is about the whole subject. As an example, here are more than two-dozen questions that spring to mind:
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