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Criminal Intelligence Summaries

Wikileaks, the love-em-or-hate-em publishers and pushers of previously-unreleased goodies, recently – with little fanfare – made available a handful of Army “Criminal Intelligence Summaries” from the heady, paranoid post-9/11 days of early 2002. They’re very interesting, not just in what they contain, but in all the other government intelligence reports they reference. Between the three reports, a really dedicated sleuth could probably find fodder for some two dozen FOIA requests, if not more. If nothing else, they’re an intriguing glimpse into the mad, mad world of national security.

The May 3rd summary is here; the August 16th is here; and the August 30th is here.

As an added bonus, courtesy of Wikileaks, check out this FBI report on snipers, which also contains some interesting references to government documents not (yet!) available to the public…

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