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Computer Annoyance of the Day: PDF995

Normally, I create documents in OpenOffice, format as necessary, and then export as a PDF file. It’s easy, it’s simple, and except for a few little annoyances – like a handful of fonts that don’t show up correctly in PDFs – it works pretty well.

Sometimes, especially for work, I have to modify – usually resize – already-existing PDF documents whose source files aren’t available. This shouldn’t be a big deal: usually it’s making documents fit nicely onto letter-sized paper. (A4, not a real problem. Legal-sized, rather more of a problem.) To do this, I open the PDF file in Adobe Reader, then “print” to a file using the PDF995 printer driver; by setting the “paper source” and other options, I can get everything resized really easily onto the preferred-size paper. There’s just one problem, though:
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