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Dave Titus: Not a Team Player

So, if you’ve been following the preparations for the Republican National Convention here in Saint Paul, you probably know that there are questions about the number of officers needed to maintain law and order during the event. The Saint Paul Police are coming in for some criticism over staffing levels, and while some of it is from Ramsey County’s “Sheriff Bob” Fletcher – and thus ignorable – the men and women in blue are taking criticism from closer to home: one of their own.

Dave Titus is the president of the Saint Paul Police Federation, which – presumably – means he was elected to that position by a majority of his peers. Assuming that’s true – and that there are no Chicago-style politics at play – Titus’ endless parade of cynical comments criticizing and second-guessing his department’s leadership could hint at morale problems in the department. If you search on the web, or in newspaper archives, you have to hunt very, very hard to find anything nice that Titus has said about his department, ever. Since the RNC announced Saint Paul as the site of the 2008 convention, he’s had little but scorn and contempt for his department’s preparations.
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