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Hysterically Paranoid Overreactions for $200, Alex

Not to go on and on and on about far-Left activist groups today, but this report from a local activist group just makes me shake my head. A young woman – recently arrested for blocking the entrance to a Minnesota weapons manufacturer during an anti-war “direct action” – had two law-enforcement officers visit her home and – OMG! – talk to her mother. Now, obviously – because going to your home is completely outrageous when someone wants to talk to you – this visit was merely an act of “intimidation”, a thinly-veiled threat that “we know where you live”. (Because, again OMG!, it’s not like that’s public record once you’ve been arrested, or anything.) Worse yet, one of the officers, finding the subject of this outrageous intimidation tactic not home, left his business card with the girl’s mom, and asked that the young arrestee call him. Before leaving, the jackbooted oppressors of the free and righteous delivered a totally ominous threat: “It’s alright if you want to do civil disobedience, but please don’t smash any windows.” I know, isn’t that just so unreasonable?!

Now, the anarchists, activists, and anti-authoritarians – the few, the proud, the hysterical; the itchy, the scratchy, and the unwashed – are quite rightly painting this kind of outlandish behaviour as “harassment”. And, you know, silly me, at first I doubted them. Really, I did. But then I did the unthinkable – I consulted a dictionary, to find out what harassment really means:

Harassment, noun.

1. Persistent attacks and criticism causing worry and distress;
2. To deliberately pester or annoy.

Synonyms: torment, molestation

So, see, it really is true – this young arrestee was indeed persistently attacked and criticized, made to worry and feel distress. It’s also obvious from this account that she was, indeed, deliberately pestered and annoyed, even though she wasn’t home at the time.

I mean, really! My only question is why she and her friends have chosen to damage their credibility by describing the preposterous act of torment with the emotional and over-the-top term “harassment”, when “molestation” is not only more accurate, but more restrained. I mean, come now, nobody with two brain cells is really going to believe you were “harassed” by the police, young lady – but I’m positive that nobody would doubt you if you said you (and your mother!) were molested by the pigs…

Language really is important, dear. Please learn to use it to your advantage, otherwise people might not take you as seriously as they could.

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Much Ado About Nothin’, Man

I know it’s old news, but I’ve been wanting to say something about the ACLU’s tempest-in-a-teapot “story” about the activities of the Maryland State Police, which they would very much like you to believe were a series of illegal, outrageous, and preposterously unjustifiable invasions of individuals privacy. Reading their webpage and press release, it’s hard not to come to that conclusion, yourself. Unfortunately, the ACLU then blew it, by providing some of the “supporting documents” that were released. Smoking guns? Not exactly.
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