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Roadside Rubbish

For nigh on two decades I’ve had a (probably unhealthy) fascination with the stuff that winds up on the side of roads – on the shoulder, in the ditch, in the woods next to the road, whatever. I’m not necessarily talking about garbage, as such, though there certainly is a fair amount of dumping going on – over the years, walking around, I’ve found cash, knives (including a quite nice Spyderco folding knife, once), books, cassette tapes, compact discs… a wristwatch, once. Clothing, quite often, actually. (I generally don’t take any of this stuff – money, the occasional undamaged book, and the knife being notable exceptions.) Roadkill, which is to be expected, and unopened, packaged groceries, which isn’t Cellphones. Sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses, even. Ammunition, and spent shell casings. It’s enough to really make you wonder…
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