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Friday FOIA Fun

A lot of parts of the government have moved to using form letters to respond to FOIA requests; the ostensible reason for this is to ensure uniformity in communication with requesters – not just literal, aesthetic uniformity, but uniform quality as well. The gods know, this has had some significant advantages – I’ve had more than one indecipherable letter from FOIA officers over the years. I wonder, though, if the rigid adherence to form letters might be a problem, as well.
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Unintentional Humor From Email Spam

Despite my best efforts, I still get a handful of spam in my mailbox every day. Happily, it’s all obviously spam, so this isn’t a huge inconvenience. Lately, the modus operandi of spammers seems to be to send messages with shocking or eye-catching “breaking news” sorts of subject lines. I really do pity the poor fools who don’t open the messages, but just glance at the subject lines and think they’re true. (“OMG, ‘Afghan Bombing Kills President Bush’! Wow!”)

That said, the obvious idea is to come up with email subject lines that will entice the recipient into opening the message (and thus seeing the ad, or becoming infected with the virus, or whatever). Shamelessly, spammers want to try to catch the attention of anyone and everyone, and so aren’t at all afraid to tackle both sides of an issue. Occasionally, however, this can become a little bit absurdly comical:
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