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USMC GWOT: “no rules and no clear ending” (!)

Terrorism is, let’s face it, if not a permanent part of modern life, at least something with a permanent place in the modern consciousness. Counter- and anti-terrorism resources are unendingly popular, not only for the intended government and military audiences, but also with average Joes and Janes around the world.

Long-time readers may well remember the Army’s anti-terrorism certification that I publicized last year, and which was fairly popular at that time. A big part of the appeal was not the practical instruction, such as it is – most people who worked their way through the certification agree that it’s largely glaringly obvious common-sense stuff; rather, the appeal for many was the fairly cheesy, over-the-top nature of the anti-terrorism rhetoric.

Anyone who likes that sort of stuff will no doubt greatly enjoy a little bit of Marine training material just sent my way…
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