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Safety Tips for Approaching a Tweaker

There’s no doubt that methamphetamine use is becoming – is, indeed, already – an epidemic. A huge amount of crimes – especially thefts – are directly related to the drug and its users. How bad is meth? Well, even on the internet, there doesn’t seem to be anyone arguing for its legalization or decriminalization, or suggesting that the much-publicized dangers of the stuff are “government propaganda”. When the internet more or less agrees on something, it’s probably worth paying attention to.

Law enforcement officers, of course, are as aware as anyone of the dangers posed by meth and its users; spaced-out “tweakers” are – all too literally – an occupational hazard for police in many countries these days. Well, happily for them, the Department of Justice has produced some simple, easy-to-follow guidelines for interacting with people who aren’t, as they say, home to Mr. Reason:
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