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The Real Spooks – Britain’s MI5

This last Monday was, of course, the anniversary of the horrific bombings throughout central London in 2005. It didn’t get much attention outside the UK, but it’s still worth observing – if only because you can be sure that security forces were being particularly vigilant regarding an anniversary attack.

In England, the principal security service involved in those matters is MI5. Last year the BBC produced a two-part radio programme about the infamous service, its members, and their activities. Called “The Real Spooks” (a reference to the BBC television show about MI5, which is called simply “Spooks” in the UK, but re-named “MI5” when aired in this country), the first bit is a look at the service and its history; the second bit examines its role in regard to the July 7 bombings.

At the moment, the only way to listen to the show appears to be by downloading a torrent some kind soul produced of it; for those who don’t want to deal with the hassles of bittorrent, I’ve made both halves available for download: Part one is here, and you can download part two right here. Each is an MP3, about 35 minutes in length, and 34 megabytes in size. (I suggest you do the right-click, save-as thing.)


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