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Kwik Hits

It’s been one of those days, here. To help make yours a little better, here is some random food for thought:

A Northwest Airlines jet struck something in flight yesterday. Bird strike? Probably not… the plane was cruising at 18,000 feet! I’m reminded of this incident from a year or so ago…

Formula 1 racing’s head: Five-girl sex party yes, Nazi prison-camp role playing, not so much so. Yet, he has the gall to insist that the public aren’t interested in his antics. Hmmn…

Fun with maths: “No scientific basis”to conclude that advertising billboards contribute to automotive crashes… despite apparent 50-60% drops after their removal. (Oh, Burma Shave, you minty-fresh killer of thousands…)

Why abbreviations are bad (excerpt from a true conversation): “I’ve been doing a lot of CBT lately.” What the knows-too-much-for-its-own-good gutter-mind heard: “I’ve been doing a lot of (potentially NSFW link!)CBT lately.” Man, I hate when that happens.

Locally, Sheriff Bob is trying his darndest to live up to the nickname “King Bob the First”, threatening a temper tantrum and takeover of the county emergency communications center. Personally, my impression is that, as intimated in the article, service in the city has been excellent since the migration to the county center…

Russ Kick’s Memory Hole is back in business! Huzzah!

Angry college radicals: “[T]he least we can do is fuck up [the RNC] convention”. Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of body odor and patchouli… Let me know how that strategy works out, guys.

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