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Giving Good Phone

And now, as they used to say, for something completely different!

A couple years ago, my partner was working on a “phone queue” for a fairly large business – one which was quite fond of making lots and lots of rules for its employees – all of them numbered. At one point, the latest trendy management fad was, erm, trendy, and so the underlings were instructed to – in their free time, off the clock – come up with entertaining and memorable ways of reminding their fellow knaves of the dozen or so rules that were most important that week.

My partner being good at the whole delegating thing, I – who didn’t, and don’t, even work for the company in question – got stuck with it. Being the overachiever that I am, I came up with two responses. One was a set of haikus, about which the less said the better (though I’m told they were fairly popular.) The other was a short story…
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