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Server-Friendly WordPress: A Year With Squid

Entropic Memes is by no means a high-traffic site, even for a personal blog. However, it’s occasionally high-enough traffic that performance issues can occur, were steps not taken to prevent them. For this website, those efforts comprise four distinct efforts: Application-level output caching, server-side caching, scalable architecture, and a transparent caching proxy front-end. Each is designed to minimize the impact of one or more specific performance bottlenecks that have arisen over the years.

Today, having just hit the eight-hundredth post on this site, and survived the highest sustained level of traffic the site has ever weathered, I thought it’d be a good time to look – once again – at the last of these measures, the transparent Squid proxy that serves up all the requests for this website, and which has been in use for just over a year.
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Obama in Saint Paul – June 3, 2008

So, this guy named Barack Obama came to town today… and while I’m not much of one for politics, I figured I’d go downtown and check out his hordes of adoring supporters.

Turns out, hordes is a pretty good term. Pictures follow:
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