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Writing on the Wall: More Graffiti

As a sort of fun follow-on to yesterday’s post on decoding gang graffiti, let’s look at some more examples of graffiti from gangs – and from wannabes, as well. I have a couple of guidelines that I use when evaluating graffiti; the most basic are simple analyses of the graffiti itself. Is is a name – or at least a single, pronounceable word? If so, it’s probably from a tagger, not a gangster. Can it be easily read – are all the letters clear, basic, and unadorned, with no ornamentation or crossing-out? Again, if so, it’s probably not gang-related, though there are rare exceptions. Are there five-pointed stars, six-pointed stars, canes, stylized squiggles that could be pitchforks, or other wierd, quasi-occult symbols present? These are almost certainly signs that you’re looking at gang graffiti.

There are exceptions, however…
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