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Attention-Getting Fundraiser

Exhibitionists’ dreams may come true a week from today in London, where – hopefully(?) – dozens, perhaps even scores of naked women will be running amok in Hyde Park. Lest this seems like business as usual, may I add that this will take place during daylight hours, and that all the women involved will be astride horses?

Evidently, it’s some sort of quite novel fund-raising idea – be Lady Godiva for a day. It should certainly prove attention-getting, at any rate. I expect some enterprising fetishist will be there with a camera or three, preparing the “documentary”.

Still, you do wonder how the gents will react – probably, with some predictable but moderately witty opening lines, gents being gents and all… As a Devils Panties comic strip from some time ago went: “Hey, I like your boots.” “Boobs, mister. The word you’re looking for is boobs.”

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