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Glow in the Dark Fun

I recently purchased some glow-in-the-dark paint from these folks; I didn’t have any specific use in mind, I just thought it’d be cool to play with. Most folks, I guess, who play around with luminescent materials like this are after decorative or artistic effects, however much they might try to pretend they’re being practical. Of the few who do inarguably practical things with glow paint or glow powder, most of their output is pretty predictable – clock and watch dials and hands, for example. Yeah, glowing exit signs are pretty cool, but when you’ve seen a tritium one, more mundane ones aren’t so exciting any more.

After goofing around with the paint for a little bit, I hit upon an interesting, halfway practical use I hadn’t seen before…
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More Governmentspeak

Now that our elected and appointed overlords have, in their inestimable wisdom, realized the benefits of not referring to islamofascist jihadis as, ah, islamofascists – or jihadis, for that matter – but to instead use kinder, gentler terms, the time seems ripe to revise some other, less desirable pieces of language used by the government and security forces. As such, in the best traditions of totalitarian democracy, here are some suggestions for words and phrases that should – like jihadi – be replaced with kinder, gentler, more sensitive alternatives:
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