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Exercises in Nerdistry

So, there I was, waiting for the computer to finish doing what it was doing, playing with a flashlight I had laying around, when I got one of those wickedly dangerous ideas that begins “I wonder what would happen if I…”. Well, a little bit of futzing – that’s a technical term, by the way – later, I found out what happens…
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Trust and Money

There’s an interesting article in the Financial Times on how Iranians evade financial sanctions. While you need to register (or otherwise provide credentials) to read the whole article, it’s an interesting look at the way the whole system of brokers – and trust – works.

One thing that strikes me about the whole thing – it’s inherently two-way. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that these sorts of financial transactions are always one-way; people “sending money home”, for example. That doesn’t appear to be the case where this sort of brokerage is involved, however. Not only do you have to “follow the money” – or, rather, the promise of money, which I’m guessing is not a trivial task – it’s probably wise to actually follow the real money itself, which may well wind up in unrelated hands.

I’m no expert on the subject, but I have a feeling this sort of practice only works in the second and third worlds; it smells too much like money-laundering to go unnoticed in the West.

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