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Secrets for Sale

Wired, among others, are covering a new GAO report about the availability of sensitive military equipment on eBay and other websites. Having looked through the report, I have a few quibbles to pick with it…
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The Blogosphere Supports You

I’ve been really busy these last couple of months, so forgive me if this was covered elsewhere…

The American government runs a lot of downright creepy websites, but none – in my opinion – are as over-the-top creepy as America Supports You, the brainchild of the DOD’s Information Ministry, er, New Media Directorate. It’s unabashed propaganda, obviously, but seems at times like it’s part of a government-wide competition to come up with the most outlandish terms and expressions possible. I’d be quite happy if I never heard the word “homeland” applied to the U.S. ever again, so words fail me when I hear or read the term “homefront”. I mean, ugh! How very George Orwell meets Joseph Goebbels…
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