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Kwik Hits

It seems Minnesota Governor Tim ‘Shaft’ Pawlenty doesn’t care much for St. Paul. Yeah, I’m sure there weren’t any partisan political considerations at play there, eh Governor?

Manhole covers: art, or impending danger to text messagers? A little of both perhaps – the danger is, alas, all too sadly real.

A little offbeat, but interesting: a local anarchist group has “extended solidarity” to one-time Minnesota resident Sarah Jane Olson, also known as Kathleen Solijah, one-time Symbionese Liberation Army member. This is noteworthy because radical anti-government groups rarely celebrate the successes of their culture or those who admit to them, only those who profess their innocence. It’s really quite rare that any “solidarity” is extended to or expressed for those who have admitted to “successful” actions, rather than those “innocent martyrs” who have been “framed” for whatever. Maybe Solijah’s long-time local connections made all the difference; maybe the anarchists are just trying to stir up trouble ahead of the RNC convention.

Venezuela, if you hadn’t already heard, has banned The Simpsons. Like… whatever, dude.

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