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Kwik Hits

Various entertaining randomness, short-attention-span style:

Opus, of Bloom County fame, already has plenty of neuroses; expect to see a new one now that it turns out some penguins can fly. “O, to slip the surly bonds of earth…”

A lawsuit against CERN claims the European agency’s Large Hadron Collider could destroy the planet. There’s always one, isn’t there?

Since it is April Fools’ Day, I’ll direct you to this apparent government presentation on homeland security (PDF file); it’s always good for a few laughs, especially if you haven’t seen it before…

In this politically-correct age, they’re not “manhole covers”, they’re ‘sewer access covers’. Whatever. Idiots still steal them, whatever name they’re given.

9/11 “masterminds: “third rate” amateurs, or just “misunderstood”? Hmmn, that’s a hard call…

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