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Communications Interception

Not something that was released under the FOIA, but merely something dug up on the “deep web”, and of somewhat topical interest these days – an U.S. Army textbook on Legal Aspects of COMSEC Monitoring – that is, to you and I, “electronic eavesdropping”. It also includes a look at a lot of the equipment the military uses to eavesdrop on communications of whatever sort…

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Sunshine Week 3: Intelligence

Continuing with the week’s barrage of documents and other “records” released by government bodies in response to open-records requests – call it a demonstration of the utility of the FOIA and similar laws, to help celebrate Sunshine Week, here are three textbooks on intelligence, produced – and released – by der Neue American Luftwaffe.
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Sunshine Week 2: More Lilydale Caves

The manmade caves in the Lilydale area of Saint Paul are a lot more extensive than most people realize. Truth be told, they’re even more extensive than the city realizes; looking through the 2005 engineering report I’m putting online this week, it’s apparent that at least a few of these century-old mines were overlooked during the survey. How extensive are they? Well, let’s put it this way…
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