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Trust, but Verify

The internet has done some remarkable things for commerce; among other things, it has opened up a whole new world, literally, of merchants to your average consumer. Competition is the heart of capitalism, or so they tell me, and who am I to argue? Buying online can come with risks – aside from the obvious concerns about buying counterfeit merchandise or otherwise dealing with scammers and fraudsters, there are other pitfalls for the unwary. A lot of online merchants aren’t “authorized retailers” of the products they carry; this usually isn’t a huge problem, except that it can mean – among other things – that the manufacturer won’t honor their warranty. Usually, what this means is that the merchant didn’t get their stock directly from the manufacturer, but through a middleman. Usually, these middlemen are drop-shippers, or wholesalers, and there’s nothing to be too concerned about.

Sometimes, though, you run into a much more sinister problem. This recently happened to me.
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