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More Images of the Balad AN-26 Crash

On Friday, I posted the first images of the 2007 crash of a civil turboprob airliner near Balad, Iraq. The original plan – crowdsourcing the analysis of the crash scene – isn’t feasible, as the wreckage was in too bad of shape; all the kings horses and all the kings men aren’t putting that plane back together again.

Still, we can have a closer look at some of the wreckage, and try to figure out which, if any, of the stories are true – was it really carrying construction workers, and their equipment? Or was it carrying supplies for the insurgents? Was it carrying something else entirely?
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Friday FOIA Fun: Antonov AN-26

Today, another bit of Friday FOIA Fun – this time, a leftover from Sunshine Week, delayed while I tried to find the best way to present the contents.

As regular readers will recall, I’ve been doing a mostly-regular weekly post on the federal Freedom of Information Act. In past weeks, I’ve shown some of the range of the Act – in particular, how you can use it to get “records” from the government that aren’t just written works. A few weeks ago, I posted an interactive training CD-ROM. Today, some very interesting photographs…

In January 2007, a Turkish-registered Antonov AN-26 crashed outside Balad Air Force Base in northern Iraq. United States Air Force personnel assisted at the crash site. No report on the incident has ever been released, and a variety of causes – including politics – have conspired to surround the incident with mystery and controversy.

These are pictures of the crash site – perhaps the first such photos to be made public in the fifteen months since the crash.
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Dan Cooper’s Parachute Found?

No confirmation from the FBI yet, of course, but some folks in Oregon believe they may have discovered the parachute used by infamous 1971 airline hijacker ‘Dan Cooper’, also known as ‘D.B. Cooper’. Even if not true, it serves to whip up yet another round of interest in the man and his exploits.
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Security Mindsets

Security guru (and Minnesota resident) Bruce Schneier has a post today that’s well worth reading. In a nutshell, he points out, security professionals are devious, suspicious bastards. But, hey, I mean that in a good way…
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Kwik Hits

Random niftyness, short-attention-span style:

Too cool: Telegraphic codes, 1870-1945.

Lithium batteries (batteries, plural) in flashlight fail catastrophically

Everything you ever wanted to know about the JDAM, at least in USN service

The plumber, he says “never flush a tampoon!”; turns out there are other things you really shouldn’t flush, either

The next generation of spy and intelligence technology – ATEP, the Advanced Technical Exploitation Program – will apparently be coded in FORTRAN, among other languages. Am I the only one who finds this funny?

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