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“Iraqi” Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing – in Florida?

Some few, tantalizing details are coming out about a “military” airplane in Iraqi markings which made an emergency landing in rural Florida this afternoon. DHS says it’s a military contractor, not an actual, you know, Iraqi airplane – and a spokesperson from the local sheriff’s office describes the details as “classified”, while hinting that (our) military is involved.

Worth keeping an eye on, in the next few days…

(What are “Iraqi markings” for their Air Force these days, anyway? Still the big equilateral triangle?)

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Bagpipes and Side Drums

That bagpipes, side drums, and bugles are hazardous probably comes as no particular surprise to anyone who isn’t a fan of, say, pipe-and-drum music. Let’s face it, you’ve probably thought it yourself, right? Well, the British Army conducted a study a couple years ago, and determined – scientifically – that bagpipes and side drums really are dangerous – if only to those playing them.
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Kwik Hits

Random stuff, short-attention-span style:

Man convicted for making sweet, sweet love to a dead deer;

More manhole cover thefts;

When manhole covers just aren’t good enough anymore, why not steal a bridge?

Halliburton “loses” laptops with relatively valuable information;

Are railroads more vulnerable to sabotage and tampering than is commonly thought? Several incidents in the past six months seem to suggest so; it doesn’t help that it takes months to determine the cause of a derailment – well, usually, anyway; sometimes the cause is a little more obvious;

“For Official Use Only”: Foreigners a no-no, media (and the internet) perfectly fine;

Apparently, destroying phone lines to thwart alarm systems is relatively common. Who knew?

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