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Camera Hacking

It’s long been said that even the most (seemingly) high-tech gadgets aren’t that cutting-edge; most products have only those features their manufacturers have chosen to give them, not those they could have. It’s sad, but an unavoidable side-effect of companies producing so many products that they’re, even within a given market segment, competing with themselves. Choice is good, choice is grand, but making intentionally “crippled” products that you can sell at a lower price-point just seems, well, stupid.
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CyberCiege Updates

The U.S. Navy’s computer- and network-security “game” CyberCIEGE has recently had two updates released for it – updates that work perfectly with the full version that I posted last year. Users of the program will want to upgrade to version 1.9, then add the patch to version 1.9b. The changes from 1.7 to 1.9 are significant, and well worth upgrading for.

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