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A Man’s Sewer is His Fortress

As a follow-up on the two people who died recently in a storm drain in Australia – nicknamed “The Fortress” – a couple of interesting comments have been left, in all places, on the Wikipedia urban exploration talk page. Coming from an Australian fellow named Jachin, they raise the always thorny subject of what is in this country referred to as “attractive nuisances”, and the legal liabilities that come from badly or ineptly sealing the same. Local folks might remember the three teenagers who died in a smoke-filled cave in Saint Paul a few years back, and the very, very similar discussions that raised.
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Internet Tubes… and Pipes

Last April first, Google “announced” their TISP program, an initiative to bring internet connectivity to houses by running fiber through the sewers. While it was an April Fools’ joke, they’ve got to be kicking themselves today, now that a Welsh company called H20 Networks is planning to do just that on a large scale. Apparently, they’ve already done so on a small scale – likely where Google got the inspiration – but now want to take things to the next level.

Insert “toilet bandwidth” and quality-of-service jokes here, please…

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