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You Might be a Nerd…

You might be a nerd if you read and downloaded the U.S. Navy report on the salvage of the wreckage of the space shuttle Challenger. You’re definitely a nerd if you were amused by the mention of the recovery during salvage operations of a duffel bag containing an estimated $30M in cocaine, and you may need help if your first response was to search Usenet for conspiracy theories involving the space shuttle and cocaine…

Not that, you know, there’s anything wrong with that, of course. 🙂

You might also be a nerd if you enjoy browsing propaganda-rich, eye-candy-filled planners or calendars, which nearly every part of the government seems to produce these days; the most recent one I’ve stumbled across is this one, a planner produced by USARPAC – that’s the United States Army, Pacific, or “your Army in the Pacific”, as they like to refer to themselves. Why the largest body of water on the planet needs an army is beyond me; I guess you can’t expect the Navy to do everything, right?

(That’s a joke, by the way; save the vitriolic hate mail for another day, thanks.)

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The Mini^3 Headphone Amplifier

A while back, I wrote about the “Alien” USB DAC that I built together with a modest yet quite decent amplifier to drive headphones, the whole contraption being a DIY computer sound card.

This past summer, I built a newly-introduced standalone, portable headphone amplifier called the Mini3. Complete with 9V battery and built-in charging circuit, the whole thing is barely bigger than a credit card, and about an inch thick. Back then, I built the “extended runtime” version, which sacrifices raw output power – not really an issue for most people – for longer play between charges. It sounds good; very, very good, in fact, and for the past six months or so it’s been my everyday headphone amp when I’m working or relaxing.
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Qwik Hits

A couple quick items of interest, short-attention-span style:

Two folks drown in a storm drain in Australia;

DIY improved iPod, or iBomb? Gross audiophile overkill at it’s finest;

Issue 2 of the Counter Terrorism Center Sentinel is out, and it’s all brown people, all the time (surprise, surprise);

Shiver me timbers! Tons and tons of wood wash ashore in England after shipwreck.

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