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Corporate Data-Mining

Bruce Schneier has a post today about the surveillance and data-mining performed by big businesses. What’s most alarming about the trend is that companies seem to be doing these things for no particularly good reasons other than “because they can”. With “mission creep” the government would be proud of, corporations seem to be grossly exceeding the bounds of propriety, common sense, and – sometimes – the law.
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Ah, MySpace

I’m not a fan of social networking sites, so I was quite amused to see this description of one in a recent article by George Smith:

…MySpace, the well know social networking sight [sic] for dumb kids, vexing teenagers, gone-public crossdressers, miscellaneous pedophiles and every music group that has ever existed.

I couldn’t have put it better myself (except to maybe work in a WoW reference or take a cheap shot at wannabe gang-bangers…)

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