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Got Triodes?

I love old technology, and few old technologies more than vacuum tubes (or “electron valves”, for the British types). I’ve got a couple tube radios, and am (slowly) building a pair of tube amplifiers, as well. While I don’t normally post videos on this site, I stumbled across one that has to be seen to be believed: a Frenchman manufacturing vacuum tubes – triodes, to be precise – by hand. Tube manufacture has long been something I’ve hoped to see on “How its Made”, so this was a real treat. It doesn’t have the soothing narration of a CBC production, but it’s still darn cool, let me tell you!
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Appalling FOIA Performance

Since you’re reading this, you probably know that while there are not yet any hard-and-fast time limits for the processing of FOIA requests, the general guideline is to try and process “perfected” requests within twenty working days. Most parts of the government fail to meet this time limit, though many at least come close.
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