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Wyrd Sisters

Oi, Discworld fans! Should you not have already been aware, BBC 7 is broadcasting all four half-hour episodes of the 1995 radio adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel Wyrd Sisters this week. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can listen to – or even download – the episodes from the BBC 7 website; start here for the first episode. You need RealPlayer to listen to the programs. Yeah, they’ve been available on torrent sites for quite some time, but if you don’t want to get involved in all that, this is a good opportunity to hear them.

Wyrd Sisters holds a special place in my heart, as the first Discworld book I ever managed to track down. Way back in the dark, pre-internet days of 19-something, it was extraordinarily hard to find copies of any of the Discworld books here in the States, and after a good year of looking, I managed to find a copy of Wyrd Sisters for two bucks at a Saint Paul used-book store. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered someone had scribbled all over the title page with a pen; “To Emma and Will” it read, “with thanks for a lovely time in Minneapolis”, above a pair of large scrawls, one beginning with a “T”, the second with a “P”…

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2006 IAIP FOIA Logs

The Memory Blog is gone, and the Memory Hole website has lain dormant for an eternity. With Russ no longer providing the valuable service he once did, it’s left to the rest of the internet to take up where he left off. To that end, enjoy the 2006 FOIA logs for the Department of Homeland Security’s Directorate of Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection – better and less long-windedly known as IAIP. A 19-page, 9.5MB PDF file, it contains some interesting material for researchers – and, perhaps surprisingly, suggests that the media make use of the FOIA more than we tend to give them credit for.

This is, it should be pointed out, only the logs for IAIP, and doesn’t (obviously) include any of the scores of other DHS departments, directorates, agencies, or components…

If you have other FOIA logs that don’t appear on The Memory Hole (or anywhere else, for that matter), or records released by a government agency that you think would be of interest to at least a few people, get in touch, one way or another; I’m more than happy to help share anything you’ve got with the world.

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2008 Defense Intelligence Calendar

The Defense Intelligence Agency have released their 2008 desk calendar, a PDF file full of military eye-candy, as well as history – much of it intelligence related. While this years calendar doesn’t seem to draw as much on DIA’s quite impressive art collection as previous years, instead relying on imagery from other components of the Department of Defense, it’s still worth looking at.

Here’s but one sample of the images found in the calendar:
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