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North Korean Nuclear Technology in Syria? Maybe Not

There was a lot of skepticism last year when claims emerged that Syria was in possession of nuclear technology acquired from that evil of evils, North Korea. I’ve previously voiced suspicion that North Korea had little if anything to do with Syria’s nuclear program; at that time, I’d narrowed down Syria’s potential nuclear sugar daddies to a short list of basically three countries – Russia, China, and America’s tried-and-true freedom-loving buddy Pakistan, home of the kind and benevolent Perves Musharraf and the infamous A.Q. Khan. A lot of people like to pretend that Khan’s little nuclear garage sales never took place, but a number of factors – including the timeline of Syria’s nuclear program – seemed to point to him as a good bet for their source of materials and expertise.

I stumbled across an interesting tidbit of information, though, which makes me wonder about that.
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