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Is Is Really The Thought That Counts?

Everyone, I suspect, has that one relative with zero taste. It’s not so bad, eleven months out of the year, but at Christmas, you secretly – or not so secretly – dread their (probably) well-meaning affronts to decency and good taste. Like the people who insist on serving anything by Simek’s for human consumption, for instance. (Want to make an Italian cry? Force him to eat Simeks’ lasagna.)

In my (extended) family, there’s one probably well-meaning fellow who always – always, for at least the last six years running, and probably longer – gives my partner and I a huge box of crapstuff from Hickory Farms. Hello, I live a half-hour from Wisconsin; what on earth do I want these horrible cheese-like emulsions for? Like the big tub of “pasteurized process cheese spread” with “Havarti-Type Flavor”. Or the bar of “Cheddy”, whatever that is?

To be fair, the crackers don’t completely suck, and the summer sausage is okay. But, seriously, just say no to “process cheese”, okay? Real cheese is kind of like real potatoes, real beer, and real gravy – accept no substitutes… and definitely don’t inflict them on your relatives!

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