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Emergency Services? Not For Me, Thanks.

Firefighters and emergency service workers are to be yet another set of set of eyes and ears on the domestic front of the War on Terra, at least under a new program. If this spreads nationwide, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass on the services of local public safety agencies.
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Privacy, Privacy, and More Privacy

The Navy recently produced a “Privacy 101” PowerPoint presentation, stressing the importance of the Privacy Act – as well as Privacy 102 and Privacy 103. Being really ambitious, there’s even a Privacy 100. Go figure.

(The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, or DSCA, has a similar presentation here (3.7MB PowerPoint file), which, perhaps surprisingly, includes instructions on Privacy Act compliance for “teleworkers”.

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Misplaced Trust

An interesting footnote, when all is said and done, to the saga of three of Minnesota’s biggest idiots is the supposed use of a newspaper-delivery job to scout burglary and robbery victims. It’s not notable because it’s original; far from it, in fact. Rather, it’s notable because it’s quite widespread, yet we rarely give the perpetrators a second thought.
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“The Relic”

Just as a reminder, DVDs of Melody Gilbert’s Urban Exploration documentary Into the Darkness will be available in a few short weeks; until that time, you can enjoy this YouTube video, which isn’t actually a trailer or preview of the film, but whose subject is officially exposed in it. (If you prefer something higher-quality, a Windows Media Player (.wmv) copy of the original, “non sanitized” version of “The Relic” can be downloaded here (15MB WMV movie).

As a note, it appears that a documentary is forthcoming about AeroJet. Anyone know anything about it?

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Falwell’s FBI File

The Washington Post has posted an excerpt of Jerry Falwell’s FBI file. It’s not terribly interesting, except for the bit about:

“…a 4″ by 3″ plastic box which contained a live scorpion, which is being held by the Richmond Division and has since decease [sic].”

I wonder how much paperwork that generated…

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