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Urban Exploration DVD Now Available

DVDs of Melody Gilbert’s award-winning Urban Exploration documentary Into the Darkness are now available for (pre-)order from the movies website. While theoretically not available until 08 December, you can at least place your order now. $35 a copy, shipped (apparently) worldwide seems high, but not unreasonable – but I should note that there’s no word on what, if any, region the disc is; if you’re outside North America, you might want to double-check that you can play it before ordering. Word is a “director’s edition” will be forthcoming in the new year, including a lot of bonus features and material not found on the “regular” DVD.

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Man-Portable Photon Projectors

Shortly after getting interested in urban exploration, I began acquiring some of the essential “tools of the trade”. Given that urban exploration frequently happens at night, underground, or in otherwise dark surroundings, a good light source is just about essential. Technology has progressed impressively in recent years, and some of the best deals in man-portable photon projectors (i.e. flashlights) today would have been unthinkable five years ago.
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