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Stability Triumphs Over Sovereignty

Sovereignty? Why needs sovereignty when you’ve got the Bush administration? Reportedly, the U.S. not only has control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons – it has had that control for years. The implications of this are staggering – among other things, if true:

  • It’s a heck of a boon for India, whose arsenal, one presumes, are not under such outside control;
  • It potentially raises the Bush administration’s leniency towards Pakistan on civil-rights issues and other topics of controversy to a whole new level; you have to wonder whether we’ve agreed to let the tyrant be a, well, despot, in exchange for control over the weapons (i.e. we won’t meddle in domestic affairs if we can meddle in foreign ones);
  • It has to make Russia, China, and most of our “enemies” in the Middle East really, really anxious to contemplate American-controlled nuclear weapons on their doorstep;
  • It would set an interesting precedent, and present an unorthodox negotiating position, for talks with Syria and North Korea.

It’ll be interesting to see what sorts of denials, or lack of denials, are forthcoming – both from Pakistan and the United States.

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Visual Identification

Some time ago, I discussed – and poked holes in – the Army’s field manual on “visual aircraft identification”. While the doctrinal portion of the manual is sound, the reference portion leaves… a lot to be desired. Thankfully, a new revision is in the works, which should rectify the shortcomings of the current edition.

In a related vein, I was recently given a training document from the Air Force on “visual identification”, which, while it doesn’t include the reference material the Army manual does, covers a lot more than just planes – though it covers those, too, and with the same WEFT method the Army uses, but in greater detail.
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