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Wonderful People

Three kids recently arrested in St. Paul for causing damage to power and telephone lines are sheer geniuses, I tell you. Committing a number of weird crimes late at night, wearing distinctive clothing as part of some sort of social-engineering ploy? Check. Lying to police? Check one, check two. Trying to flee from the police? Check. Hauling around a “set” of lockpicks, still in the purdy leather case? Total loser check.

Something the story fails to mention is why mister Levi Glennie got off on $1,000 bail, while his compatriots – who did not try to flee from the police – got fifty times that amount. Ater a little digging, I found the answer: Simply, Glennie appears to be new at the whole breaking-the-law thing (or at least the getting caught part), while his buddies were both on probation, having been found guilty in recent years of all sorts of fun things – including, in ones case, possessing child pornography. (Aren’t online criminal history checks fun?) Gotta wonder if he really does work at a nuclear power plant, and if so, what kind of background check he passed – and how.

Not exactly, gritty, hardened criminals, this lot. But not exactly the sharpest of knives in the drawer, either.

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