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An Actual, Interesting Wikileak

Wikileaks have in recent days produced a pair of actually interesting “leaks”. One is the “standard operating plan” for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (here), and the other is a FBI memo from earlier this year, showing various designs and logos used by pedophiles to quietly display their “preferences” (here). The latter is, in my opinion, the first actually interesting “leak” posted by that group. It’s not that their previous “leaks” have been entirely pointless, but this is the first one that is of any significant interest to anyone other than, well, Wikileaks themselves…

(On an unrelated note, sites like Wikileaks, which have HTML pages with .pdf extensions, annoy the heck out of me, because it’s misleading, and because FireFox’s “PDF Download” plugin doesn’t handle them correctly…)

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