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Too Convenient

Musharraf’s regime in Pakistan has now lifted the “house arrest” imposed on opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, too late – conveniently – for her to attend planned demonstrations opposing his peculiar brand of tyranny. As soon as I’d heard that the detention was supposedly “for her own protection”, I smelled a fish, and a big one at that.

There are many who believe that Pakistani military or security services were involved in the recent suicide bombing against Ms. Bhutto, and the house arrest, in all its over-the-top glory (armored personnel carriers? Okay then!) seems to give them the perfect cover for another try. They cited unspecified information pointing to another such attack as the reason for the detention; now with Bhutto free to travel again, they can just shrug and say “Oops, I guess the threat hadn’t passed after all; well, we did warn her…” Obviously, both Bhutto and Musharraf’s administration are stuck between rocks and hard places; unfortunately, things are only going to get worse, before (if!) they get better.

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FOIA Fees as Performance Incentive

As you should know by now, my natural suspicion and cynicism know few bounds. As such, when I heard in recent weeks from two different people that at least some DOD components were voluntarily waiving otherwise applicable fees when they had failed to respond to FOIA responses in the mandated twenty-working-day timeframe, I saw this not as good news, but potentially bad.
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