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Qwik Hits

Some quick items of note:

U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief, to Pakistani dictator: “You can’t be the president and the head of the military at the same time“. Huh?

Next Monday is tofu-dog and-a-hug day. Spread the word!

Am I the only one who wonders if anyone has toasted marshmallows on an Active Denial System yet?

The Jerusalem Post repeats the absurd “liberal media” meme while trying desperately to defame competing Israeli newspaper Haaretz. With statements like “Could one, for instance, visualize The New York Times suppressing information about an American president involved in corruption out of a desire to promote the administration’s foreign policy objectives? No newspaper of integrity in the world would tolerate an editor making such an outrageous statement.”, the whole thing must be satire…

Interesting observation from today’s NightWatch:“Note to new analysts. Country experts will never recognize large patterns of this kind, but students of phenomenology must. Roll backs of democracy, government overthrows and internal instability events of this sort tend to occur in threes. Most recently, Thailand, Fiji and Bangladesh overthrew their elected governments in a fourth [sic] month period between 19 September 2006 and 10 January 2007. There is no apparent reason for this, it is an observed phenomenon. The events come in waves. Pakistan and Georgia are two, Venezuela might be the third.”

Go make some FOI requests to the UK’s Ministry of Defense; they haven’t posted any new disclosures to the web since September.

Note to dissidents, activists, and journalists: According to literature from U.K. gas mask manufacturer Avon and other sources, industrial “P100” (99.97% efficiency) particulate filters appear to be the standard requirement for protection against CN and CS tear “gases”. Could be good to know, should you have access to civil, industrial respirators but not gas masks.

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